The compact dimensions of the sensor (10/28/23mm,H/L/W) allows an easy installation in any  capillary electrophoresis system.The sensor  can be placed at any position along the separation capillary(non-conducting material e.g. fused silica, PEEK , Teflon ). Capillary electrophoresis The detector can be installed into any comercial CE platforms on the market, especially the  Agilent 7100 CE system is perfectly prepared for the detector installation. © Innovative Sensor Technologies GmbH 2015 Please contact us for pre-configured CE installation packages. The advantages of capillary electrophoresis lie in the short separation times and simple methods development strategies. Contactless conductivity detection can be incorporated to make a simple and extremely sensitive detection technique. Even with capillary diameters below 50 µm, the limits of detection for inorganic anions are in the ppb and ppt range.